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7 Weeks


The puppies are 7 weeks old! How can that be?!? We are truly amazed at how quickly the time has gone! It seems like these sweet babies were just born and yet, we are SO in love with each one, we are going to have such a hard time saying goodbye to them!!! We are just so thankful that each one of these adorable little pups is going to an amazing home!

We know they are going to be loved and cared for just as much as we have had the privilege of doing for the first weeks of their lives.

The puppies have become even more playful and active this week (although they still love to pile up for a nap!). They love to wrestle each other! They are such sweet little snugglers and love to give kisses and be held, but you'd never know that when they are wrestling with each other! LOL They like to act very tough. Hahaha

Our male moyen poodle is still a puppy, and I think he is loving having the little puppies around to play with. He loves to peer over the side of the puppy pen, and they all rush over to see him, so I think the feeling is mutual! They love to romp and play with him! I would not have guessed that they would like playing with such a big dog, but they are not the least bit intimidated!



Blue and Green




Yellow and Rosie (White)


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2 commentaires

12 janv. 2021

Hi! I’m looking to bring a precious cavapoo into my home. When will you be having another litter?




30 juin 2020

Your puppies are adorable. Please let me know if ever you try again for another round :) We are in Longmont and interested. Thanks!

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