Past Puppies

All of our puppies have been placed in their forever homes.

We do not have any upcoming litters.


Blue Boy

Blue is reserved for his forever family. He has the sweetest eyes, and we are so in love with his adorable face!! He is a playful little guy already!

Pink Girl

Pink is reserved for her forever family. We think this little girl is just a doll! Her little white spot on her nose is so precious! She has an outgoing personality and loves to play and give kisses. She is super cuddly too! We are smitten!!


Yellow Girl

Yellow is reserved for her forever family. This little darling is a super sweet pup! We love her white stripe!!  She loves to play with her siblings and then curl up in one of our laps to take a nap.

White Girl

White is reserved for her forever family. This cutie has a gorgeous red coat and a little white spot on her chest (just like her mama)! We think she is sweet and cuddly just like her mama too!


Green Boy

Green has already been reserved by his forever family. He is such a handsome boy!! Those white dipped toes! Love!!!